UCSB Procurement Gateway

Gateway is UCSB’s purchasing system. Anyone on campus with a UCSB NetId and Password has access to Gateway to shop. The CSI staff can help you purchase your research supplies through Gateway.

If you would like to start using/making purchases through Gateway or if you would like to have one of your students shop for you, please let Jazmin or Raphaëlla know. This will allow us to approve your purchases in a timely manner. All approved purchases will be directly charged to your account(s). To access Gateway, please go to https://gateway.procurement.ucsb.edu/Login.aspx and log in.

All purchases made through the Gateway system will be delivered and can be picked up at the Chicano Studies Institute in South Hall 4515.


Please check-in with our Business Officer prior to purchasing your research-related items. This will ensure that your planned purchases are reasonable, allowable, and allocable to your contract or grant.

You may also choose to purchase your research supplies from another source and seek reimbursement. Please fill out and sign the Reimbursement Request Form and submit it with your original receipts to our offices.