Prior to commencing work, please contact the Chicano Studies Institute. Depending on your current employment status on campus, there may be employment documents to complete in order to become a UCSB/CSI employee.

Please visit the Forms page to obtain copies of the required employment documentation, timesheets, and timesheet submission deadlines document. Please contact us to determine what will be needed to complete the hiring process.

  • Oath/Patent- Please print your name at the top of the form. The rest must be filled out in the presence of a University official.
  • I-9 –  Please read Page 9. It provides a list of acceptable documentation to be provided for proof of eligibility.
  • Payroll/Non-Payroll Deposit Authorization Form – Please bring a voided check with you to your appointment with the CSI staff, if you would like to have payroll and non-payroll checks directly deposited to your bank account.
  • If you have been awarded Work-Study and wish to use it for your CSI work, please submit the referral form with all other employment documents to the CSI staff.

Graduate Students

Graduate student employment is limited to 50% during the academic year. An exception may be requested from the graduate student’s home department for employment up to 75%. During the summer months, graduate students may work up to 100%.

Employment Documents


State Oath/Patent

Direct Deposit Form

I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification

UC W-4



Biweekly Time Card

Monthly Time Card

Time Card Submission Schedule


Mileage Log