Airfare can be booked through the UC Travel Center or Connexxus. Please contact the Financial and Publications Assistant with the details of your preferred itinerary.

Lodging reservations are to be made by the traveler. If payment is required in advance of travel, please provide the Financial and Publications Assistant with an invoice or receipt and the payment will be made directly to the vendor.

Travel Advances

Travel advances must be requested at least three weeks before travel. Travel advances are granted to travelers who do not have or do not qualify for a corporate card.  Advances must be cleared within 5 days of completion of travel.

Travelers can only request one travel advance per trip, so please plan accordingly.

Travel Reimbursement

When requesting a travel reimbursement, please complete and sign a reimbursement worksheet (domestic or foreign) and submit it with all your receipts and other documentation to the Financial and Publication Assistant in South Hall 4517.

All original receipts, including airline, meals*, rental car, lodging, taxi, miscellaneous expenses, registration etc.., must be provided submitted when seeking reimbursements. If unable to provide original receipts, please print and complete the Declaration of Missing Receipts form and turn it in with your travel worksheet.

*Note: the maximum amount reimbursable for meals is $71. Daily meal expenses above this amount will not be reimbursed. Receipts are required.

Foreign travel reimbursement rates are provided by the U.S. Department of State and can be found at Foreign lodging receipts are required.

Travel Reimbursement Documents

Domestic Travel Reimbursement Sheet

Foreign Travel Reimbursement Sheet