UC Tech

Automate tasks with Google Apps Script

Welcome UCTech attendees!

For those of you who are interested in participating in a codealong, follow these instructions:

Download the source code

  1. Sign into your Google account 
  2. Open this Scripts Folder
  3. Right-click “TaskTracker – Skeleton” then click “Make a Copy”
  4. Open your My Drive and search for the copy of TaskTracker (you can rename the project if you want)
  5. Open the project. If you don’t have Google Apps Script installed, you should see a prompt that will allow you to download it

Deploy the add-on

  1. In the apps script editor, click Publish→Deploy from manifest
  2. Click “Get ID” from the latest version row
  3. Copy the deployment ID and close the dialogs
  4. Open GMail and go to the Settings page (gear icon→settings)
  5. Click the “Add-ons” tab
  6. If not already selected, check the “Enable developer add-ons for my account” checkbox
  7. Paste the deployment ID into the Developer add-on text box, then click “Install”
  8. Check “I trust the developer of this add-on” then click “Install”